9 April 2016

Booking a Group Holiday!


For today's post, I've decided to do something a bit different; instead of writing about celebrities or posting a review, I thought that I would write about a rather exciting personal milestone (albeit, slightly stressful!) that's been happening in the last couple of weeks.

My friends and I have known each other since we were tiny and as a result, we've grown up together and been there for each other through all kinds of things! So, to celebrate the end of all of our exams (and, at the moment, this is a major motivation to revise!), we thought that it would be a good idea to organise a group holiday. We've always talked about how our first holiday without our families would be with each other so to see it finally starting to come together was super exciting! 

However, if you've ever been a part of a group holiday, I'm sure you'll know how hard it is to please everyone and to come to a suitable agreement! We searched all of the holiday letting sights for absolutely hours, trying to find a house that would accommodate us all and that we all liked, and let me tell you, that's much easier said than done! 

Finally, we found a house that we all liked, that suited our budget and that wasn't too much of a trek for us all (we wanted to save as much as possible on travel!). I will admit, it was really hard work to plan it but now that it's all finished, I'm super excited and I just can't wait to sit back and chill with my friends!

I hope you've enjoyed the different style of post today - I thought that I'd experiment a little bit! Let me know if you have any holidays planned for the summer, I'd love to hear about them. Tweet me (@charlyblogs) or leave a comment below!

See you soon,
Charlotte x

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