15 April 2016

BOOK REVIEW: The List by Siobhan Vivian


I'm just going to jump straight into the book review today because I don't really have anything else to update you guys on because my life currently consists of revision, food and sleep! 

'The List' documents the lives of several teenage girls from different years in high school who are all connected in some way; mainly because they have all been featured on this year's list of the prettiest and ugliest girls in the school. I love books like this as it allows the reader to explore the world that has been created from so many different perspectives and allows them to gain a better understanding of the situations that occur.

The girls that the novel follows are so so different which makes the plot so much more interesting as they all come from such different backgrounds and have different stories to tell. At first, I found it hard to remember exactly who was who, but once I got further into the story, I was completely clued up. 'The List' shows exactly how brutal and ugly the opinions of teenage girls can be but in a humorous, laughable way which helps the novel to stay light.

Some of the topics that are addressed in the novel are pretty hardcore, such as one of the main characters suffering from an eating disorder, which I think is really important as it brings awareness to the hardships that some people may be going through and how it affects others. 

My favourite character has to be Margo. She is the typical all-American, popular, pretty (and kind of mean!) girl who actually suffers a lot more than everyone assumes. The portrayal of her character is so unique as the reader is constantly torn between hating her and loving her and I think that this is such an interesting way of creating a character. She is a much more complex character than what I first assumed and I liked the surprise element of the depth of her character.

In general, I think 'The List' is a realistic, cynical, yet humorous depiction of what high school life is like and how quickly teenage girls can change their opinion of someone depending on popularity and public perception. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone that fancies a true-to-life, accurate portrayal of what high school is really like, and will take the reader through the roller coaster that is high school!

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