11 April 2016

The Vamps Tour 2016


It feels like I haven't uploaded in forever and I'm super sorry about that but sadly I've been crazy busy due to exam season and all the revision I've been doing. However I've got a really fun and exciting post for you today and I hope you enjoy it!

If you've read any of my previous posts, I'm sure you'll know how much I love to go to concerts; so you can imagine my excitement when I bought myself a ticket for the 'wowpit' section for the Vamps O2 Arena show on the 1st April! For anyone who's not sure, the wowpit is a small standing area directly in front of the stage that lets you get as close as possible to the stage and the band (very cool!). 

It was my first experience with something this exclusive a concert so I wanted to make the most of it and enjoy all of the benefits so my friends and I arrived at the O2 at 10:30am to ensure that we would be at the very front - sounds crazy, I know! When we arrived, a tiny queue had already started forming so we quickly got in line, secured our places and began the 8 hour wait until the doors opened. Surprisingly, the time passed fairly quickly but I think that might have been partly to do with all  the yummy food we kept eating! The time between the door  opening  and getting unto the arena was pretty stressful as everyone was pushing and shouting and I actually got separated from my friends but eventually we made into the wowpit and we got a space at the barrier, right in front of Connor's mic stand!

The show itself was out of this world - no matter how many times I see the Vamps, I never ever get bored and I always come out desperate to see them again! Being at the very front was such a crazy experience as I kept forgetting how many other people were sitting behind me watch in  the exact same thing and it was a bit of a shock when I turned round and saw all of the people! Another funny (and a little bit scary) shock I got was just after the first song 'Rest Your Love', the pyrotechnics kicked in and they were REALLY CLOSE! For a second, I was worried that my eyebrows had been singed off!

 The other major benefit of being at the barrier is that you get to interact with the band a lot which is such a surreal experience! I seemed to make a lot of eye contact with Brad and Connor as they were closest to me and Connor also gave me and my friends the thumbs up signal which made my friends and I scream and shout quite a lot - oops!

Finally, I just want to say how amazing the whole experience was and how lucky I felt to be able to say that I've been front row at my favourite band's concert after 2 or 3 years of supporting them. If you ever get the chance to be in the wowpit equivalent at your favourite artist's show - grab it! It really was such a crazy, amazing night and I haven't stopped talking about it since; it was that good!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience and I'd love to see any of your photos from the Vamps tour if you've also been. Tweet them to me at @charlyblogs and tell me what date you went to - I love to have some more Vamps fans to chat to!

See you soon,
Charlotte x 


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