11 March 2016



I'm super excited about this post as I've never done anything like it before but I think you'll all really enjoy it! 
Following on from my last post, a book review of Saba Kapur's debut novel 'Lucky Me' (check it out here), I was lucky enough to be able to interview Saba! She is such a sweet person and was more than happy to answer the questions I gave her so Saba, if you're reading, thank you so much! So without further ado, go ahead and enjoy the interview - it's a goodie!


Can you give the readers a summary of the plot of 'Lucky Me' in the length of a tweet? 
18 year-old daughter of Hollywood star teams up with her charming but mysterious bodyguard to stop a dangerous stalker before the Golden Globes.

I promise it’s far more exciting than that! I can’t fit all the adventure into 140 characters.

 If you had to choose, who would be your favourite character from the book and why?
I think I’d have to say Gia. She’s a complicated character, because it’s easy to just write her off (no pun intended) as spoiled and immature. But under all of the Chanel handbags and serial complaining, she’s still just a teenage girl going through an uncertain and stressful time in her life. Despite being scared and confused, she still wants to take charge of her situation by trying to solve the mystery herself, even if this sometimes lands her in more trouble than before! Although it may not always show in conventional ways, Gia is definitely a tough girl, and she was lots fun to write.

Writing is clearly a huge part of your life; have you always wanted to be an author?
Writing always stemmed from my love of reading, but wasn’t something that I thought of pursuing in a professional sense. Although writing played a huge part in my childhood, it was always just a hobby. I never really considered myself as an aspiring author, and truthfully still have trouble with calling myself one now! When I began writing Lucky Me, I initially didn’t plan on it ever leaving the safe haven of my laptop screen, let alone it being published into a novel. I’ve been extremely lucky in the way things have worked out. My book is aptly named!

Do you have a favourite YA book/series?
I would love to have an exciting and original answer to this question, but I’ll have to stick with the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling. The novels really sparked my love affair with books, and I never fail to be awed by how the characters are so beautifully constructed. Like so many others, I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione. In many ways they were not just fictional characters, but rather my friends.

As you are such a similar age to the main character, Gia, I was wondering if you had incorporated any of your own personal experiences into Gia's life?
Gia and I definitely don’t share the same lifestyle, but I’ve tried to incorporate many of my own personality traits into her character. For example, we are both quite witty and sarcastic, and can be very stubborn when things aren’t going our way! We share a love for fashion, chocolate and Audrey Hepburn, and we’ve both had a decent amount of high school drama to deal with! We also share the same taste in men (although to be fair, Ryan Gosling is everyone’s taste). That being said, Gia and I are also extremely different. My wardrobe isn’t half as fancy as hers and I’m pretty sure she’s never had to do the dishes in her life. She is also far more impulsive and reckless than I am, and doesn’t mind getting into a bit of trouble. I, on the other hand, am a complete goody-two-shoes!

Did you experience writer's block at any point during the writing process? If so, how did you overcome it?
I honestly feel like I spent half of the writing process stuck in a state of writer’s block! When you create a whole world of characters, it’s easy to get swept up in the endless possibilities that you have complete control of. Too many ideas in your head can actually leave you without any ideas to put on paper. My best advice for overcoming writer’s block is to not throw your laptop at a wall, like I was tempted to do so many times. Try to work with whatever ideas you’ve got in your mind, no matter how small they are. Some of them might be terrible, but there’s always going to be a great one hiding in there. Be patient and persistent, even when it’s frustrating. If all else fails, eat some chocolate. That pretty much solves all my problems in life.

What authors do you take inspiration from?
At the risk of sounding like a clich√©, I try to learn from every book I read. If there’s something I don’t like in a book, I think of how I would do it differently. Similarly, if there’s something I really love about an author’s work, I’m always trying to find a way to incorporate those elements into my own writing. My biggest influences have come from authors such as Meg Cabot, Janet Evanovich and Sophie Kinsella. They are true masters in the world of romance, mystery and comedy, and really helped craft my writing style.

Do you have any tips for anyone trying to break into the writing industry?
I’ve been asked this question a few times now, and every time I’m pleasantly surprised that someone thinks I’m qualified enough to answer it! Truth be told, I am no expert on the writing industry, but I can offer advice from my own experiences. Writing a novel can be a long and often disappointing process, especially when you’re a young writer like myself. Most days you’re going to stare at your work and tell yourself that it’s probably never going to happen. But that’s the beauty of story telling. There’s always a new one to be told, so why can’t that new one be yours? Most importantly, you have to have confidence in your work. If you’re not willing to back yourself up, then no one else will either!

And finally, are you planning on writing a sequel? 
Yes, I’m in the process of writing a sequel to Lucky Me! The novel left a few things unanswered, and I felt that I couldn’t fit all the excitement and adventure into just one book. The sequel will see Gia growing up a little, as she begins college in New York. She’s thrown into a very different world than she’s used to, and she’s going to have to find a balance between being a normal college student and being a celebrity. Of course, there’ll be plenty of love, stilettos and mystery. Jack and Milo will also be there to add to the fun! 
 I hope you enjoyed reading the interview as much as I enjoyed conducting it - it's been a really exciting, new experience! Make sure to pre-order 'Lucky Me' on Amazon and follow Saba on twitter for updates and exclusives (@saba_kapur)!

See you soon,
Charlotte x

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