21 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: A Summer Like No Other by Elodie Nowodazkij


Am I the only blogger who finds motivation to write at silly hours of the night? Maybe 23:40 is the new 9 to 5! Haha, enough of my late night waffling - it's review time!

When I first came across 'A Summer Like No Other', I was instantly drawn to it; it was a total cliché, brother's best friend, summer romance scenario - my favourite! It progressed in a fairly predictable way although in no way was it boring or repetitive. It had a good balance of humour and heartbreak and gave the occasional tug on the heartstrings which I think make a the perfect recipe for a young adult romance novel.

I was absolutely loving the story right up until the last couple of chapters when I felt suddenly disconnected. The story seemed rushed and I just felt like there was so much more that needed to be explained. I think there is definitely an opening for another book but I'm not sure if it was intentional.

My favourite character was definitely Nonna, Emilia's cooking mad grandmother. She wasn't featured in the book often, but when she was, she always had a wise word or two up her sleeve. It reminded me of the stereotypical grandmother image that I've got in my head; always there to offer you sound advice along with a biscuit or three!

Overall, the book wasn't one of my favourites but I would recommend it if you're looking for a quick, simple, summer read.

See you soon,
Charlotte x

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