3 July 2015

BOOK REVIEW: The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak


Today I'm going to be reviewing a book I recently applied for called 'The Heartbreakers' by Ali Novak. I was so happy that I had come across it on a reviewing website because I first discovered Ali on Wattpad when she was writing under the name Fallzswimmer  (go check out her profile!). Before I'd even read the book, I knew I would be a fan because of how much I liked her previous novel 'My Life with the Walter Boys'. 

Here's an outline of the story for those of you who haven't heard of it before: Stella, Cara and Drew are triplets who are completely inseparable but couldn't be more different. Drew is sports obsessed, Cara is the ultimate boy band fangirl and Stella prefers more underground, alternative music. So, when Stella and Drew travel to Minneapolis to  get Cara some signed merchandise from her favourite band 'The Heartbreakers', Stella could not be more indifferent. But when she realises that the boy she bumped into in Starbucks is Oliver Perry, the lead singer of the band, she starts to freak out. How could he not tell her who he really is? After an awkward confrontation, Drew, Stella and the band become unlikely friends and the story follows the group's adventures while Drew and Stella are trying to cope with Cara's devastating illness.

I really, really enjoyed this book because it had elements of so many things that I love; music, bands, romance and celebrities! All of the characters are so unique and their personalities are all very clear which I absolutely love. It's so easy to pick up on the family vibe that surrounds all of the characters which makes it such a nice read as you can picture every scene in your head perfectly. 

Having read the first 'draft' of this story on Wattpad, I can see how far Ali's writing style has come along because although I enjoyed reading it the first time, it was a million times better this time round. The plot was much easier to follow and it was just generally better written which was really good!

It's such a happy-go-lucky story, all about taking risks and believing in yourself - what a great message! This is a story that I'll definitely read again because it will never, ever get boring... there's too much going on! I would definitely recommend you add it to your reading lists and grab a copy when it comes out (1st August!!). 

See you soon,
Charlotte x

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