2 March 2015

Meeting McBusted

Hello March!
I feel like the year is only just getting started, but in reality we're already a quarter of the way through! Can you believe it? I still think of Christmas as 'a couple of weeks ago' and New Year's Eve as 'the other day'; I really need to start checking the calendar more often!
So, as it's been around two months since I last posted on here (I know, I know!!) I thought I would give you a little life update, to fill you in and also to give you a better insight to my life - seeing as I've only ever posted twice!
Like always, most of the world spent the first part of January planning. Planning their new diet, planning to tighten the purse strings, planning to visit long lost relatives more often.... planning. However, in my house that was not the case. We seem to have given up on new years' resolutions as, like everyone, we never stick to them and all that planning goes to waste as our determination fizzles away during the course of the month (if your new years' resolutions are still going strong... go you!!). Instead, my family and I spent January recovering from the craziness of Christmas and attempting to slide back into our old routine of getting up VERY early five days a week to make sure we got to school/work on time, which in our house is no mean feat considering none of us are morning people!
I'd been plodding through January for about a week, when I saw some very exciting news. One of my favourite bands, McBusted, were appearing on Graham Norton's radio show in London that weekend! For me, London is a mere 40 minute train ride away meaning me and my friends are always popping up there for vital (usually, anyway!) shopping trips. As soon as I saw the tweet, I messaged one of my friends, Ellie and err demanded that she came with me... she agreed, of course!
*Before I carry on with the story I just want to quickly explain that while Ellie likes them, she isn't completely obsessed with them*
Anyway, we planned to get up to the BBC broadcasting house (which is just off of Oxford Street if any of you were wondering) for around 9:30 as Graham Norton's slot started at 10 but as usual, we were running late - never mind the fact we both got up at 6! I rushed so much that I left my toast on the worktop so that meant no breakfast for me - sad, I know. After running full pelt around the tube station and down Great Portland Street, we arrived at the studio at around 9:50, we had cut it very fine... oops!
There was probably between 10 and 15 people waiting outside with two security guards and no barriers - good news for us! Ten o'clock came and went and I was beginning to get a bit nervous at this point. But who wouldn't, when the idea of meeting one of your favourite bands was becoming realer by the minute? By 11 o'clock nothing exciting had happened apart from THE Graham Norton walking past us - almost close enough to brush shoulders - without ANY security. I got incredibly excited at this point as I became even more aware of where we were and what we were trying to do!
At around 11:45, I had almost given up any hope of meeting them as it seemed unlikely that they were going to make an appearance at the front entrance as the show finished at one o'clock and we assumed that they would need to be in there at least half an hour before they went on - we had presumed that they had used a back entrance. However not even five minutes later, James Bourne (my favourite one!!) strolled very casually around the corner as though he were oblivious to the (organised) chaos that was happening just a few metres away from him. Somewhere between the time that we got there and that point, barriers had been put up which formed a walkway to the doors of the studio so everyone eagerly moved towards them in hope of talking to him. At this point, I was gripping Ellie's arm so hard it was probably painful - sorry Ell! Casually, James made his way around the walkway, chatting and joking with fans for as long as he could, all whilst munching his way through a bag of pistachios.
When James was getting fairly near to us, Harry turned up much to the excitement of Ellie, as he is most definitely her favourite member. As you can imagine, both me and Ell were near on hysterical with excitement (but only on the inside... we hope!!). James soon approached us, greeting us with a casual 'hey' to which we both squeaked a reply to. I then snapped back into reality and realised that I needed to make this moment count. So this is where me and James begin to have a conversation about... pistachios. Not the most interesting topic, I'll admit but it was the best I could come up with in my excitement.
The three of us took a selfie together and he moved on to the next person, almost unaware of how happy he had just made us. We then went on to meet Harry, Danny and Tom but sadly, there wasn't really time for conversation as they were very late and very rushed. We were very close to getting a photo with Matt, but just as he was talking to the girl next to us, his phone started ringing and when he looked at it, he informed us and the girl (who's name I don't know sorry!) that it was Dougie, 'his favourite' AW. He took the call, telling Dougie that yes he was at the studio and yes he needed to get here quickly, before hanging up and rushing off inside. Around a minute later Dougie made an appearance, looking a little flustered but happy nether the less. He tried to talk to as many people as possible but not even a minute after he had arrived, security approached him and told him that he was very late and was needed in the studio asap. Even though most of us waiting outside didn't get to meet him, we all shouted a cheery BYE at his retreating figure to which he replied to with a wave and an equally loud shout.
My body had pretty much stopped functioning properly by this point due to several reasons:
- the excitement induced adrenaline that was pumping through me
- the oh so typical British weather (torrential rain and utterly vicious wind) which had frozen my feet
- and the fact that I hadn't eaten anything at all :(.
But it was all so so so worth it and I would advise all of you to look out for little things like this on twitter, facebook, instagram or whatever you use as you never know how lucky you might get!
Also, I would just like to add how nice all of the boys were and the short time we did get to spend with them was so fun and the whole situation was very casual, which I loved!
I'll leave you with a few of the photos I took on the day (I'm the brown haired one, Ellie is the blonde one).
See you soon,
Charlotte x

*All photos from this post are my own so I would really appreciate it if you put a link to this post or @ me on twitter (@charlyblogs) if you use them on any social media, thank you :) *

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