1 January 2015


So I don't think I've mentioned it yet but I really love Busted and have done since I was about 4 or 5. As you can imagine, when it was announced that McFly and (most of) Busted were joining forces, I couldn't contain my excitement. I bagged tickets for their tour and they were absolutely immense! However, the only thing they were lacking was new content which they promised was coming soon.
And, when at last it finally did come, it was amazing!
The style of the music on the self-titled album is quite different from both of the bands' old stuff but if I had to pick the main style influence, I would say that it resembles Busted's previous albums more; pop with a edgy rock element.
I think this album is simply amazing and it has everything that you would expect to find on a McBusted album. There's a mixture of upbeat and mellow, the occasional rude lyric and plenty of guitar and drum solos - a McBusted fan's heaven!
If I HAD to pick my top 3 songs, I would have to choose:
Hate Your Guts (ft. Mark Hoppus)
Before You Knew Me
What Happened to Your Band
I absolutely love the catchy, upbeat tune of 'Hate Your Guts' and I think Mark's vocals add a unique sound to the track. Also, the lyrics are funny but are easy for many to connect with.
"I hope when I'm out on tour you lose your keys to the door
Because I hate your guts
And I wish I didn't love you anymore"
I like 'Before You Knew Me' for similar reasons but mainly because of the imaginative, funny lyrics, my favourite being:
"You were Hannah Montana
But now you're licking things like Miley"
Finally, I chose 'What Happened to Your Band' for two reasons. I love the energetic tempo of the track as it makes it a really uplifting song and creates a feel good vibe. However, the main reason I like this song was because of the inspiration behind the lyrics. James Bourne (member of McBusted and writer of many of their songs) was pestered by a worker in his local supermarket after the Busted split and was persistently asked 'What Happened to Your Band?'. It happened so often that James decided to write a song based on the phrase!
I love this album and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is a lover of pop music with an edge. It's not quite the music you would hear on radio stations such as Capital FM but that's what I like about it - it's originality. Have a listen to the songs I've listed above if you're not familiar with McFly/Busted and who knows, a new McBusted fan may be found!
See you soon,
Charlotte x

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