1 January 2015

SERIES REVIEW: The Infernal Devices

Ok, so the first series I wanted to review is ‘The Infernal Devices’ by Cassandra Clare. I won’t include spoilers so feel free to read my review even if you haven’t read the series yet.
Book One: Clockwork Angel
Firstly, I’d like to say how much I adore the cover as I think that it really captures the essence of the story, from the famous London landmarks to the dark and mysterious colours used to illustrate it.
The series is set in London 1878 and the basic outline of the story is as follows: Tessa Gray, a 16 year old American, receives a mysterious letter from her missing brother, Nate, asking her to come and live with him after the death of their aunt. However, upon Tessa’s arrival in London, she is kidnapped by the Dark Sisters who claim to know the whereabouts of her brother. They discover that she has a special power and use it to their advantage, relying on Tessa’s love for her brother to keep her under their control. After being trapped for what felt like an eternity Tessa is rescued by Will and Jem, the mysterious Shadowhunters who she knows nothing about. She allows them to take her to the London institute – where the head of the London Shadowhunters lives, as well as Will and Jem – and begins to trust them more and more as time goes on. The rest of the book follows the adventures of Tessa and the residents of the London Institute as they attempt to find and rescue Tessa’s brother Nate and capture the Magister who is supposedly holding Nate captive.
Being a huge fan of the Shadowhunter world that Cassandra Clare has created, I began reading this book with a positive expectations, knowing that I would love the story purely because I love ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series – also by Cassandra Clare. However, to begin with, I found that the storyline was very simple and dull with minimal drama and few exciting events. Upon making myself persevere, I found that my first impressions were completely invalid and that the book was full of drama, suspense, action and a fair amount of romance.
Overall, I thought that it was a well written, intriguing start to the series that leaves the reader desperate to get their hand on the next book and indulge in more Shadowhunter goodness!!
Book Two: Clockwork Prince
The second book in the series focuses strongly on the Magister and his connections to Tessa and the Shadowhunter world - including how he knows so much about the London institute residents. Tessa is fighting with her inner demons as she becomes more aware of the trouble and pain she is causing whilst staying at the Institute but she just can’t make herself leave because of the feelings of attachment she has developed towards both Will and Jem.
I enjoyed reading this instalment just as much as the last book for very similar reasons. I was desperate for more Shadowhunter action and had fallen in love with the storyline just as much as I loved ‘The Mortal Instruments’. ‘Clockwork Prince’ is jam-packed with just as many plot twists, lots of romance and an abundance of drama.

Book Three: Clockwork Princess

“I am catastrophically in love with you.” - Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess
The final, highly anticipated novel in the series, ‘Clockwork Princess’, gives closure to many unanswered questions that were imposed in the first two instalments, and details the end of the search for the infamous Magister who always seemed to be just out of the reach of the demon hunting Shadowhunters. Tessa is facing all new kinds of problems as the Magister’s desire to own her is greater than ever and he will do anything to have his own way. However, Will and Jem – both of whom are cherished by Tessa – will do anything to protect her as they cannot bear the thought of life without her. Finally, Tessa’s engagement!! To who? Well that would be telling…
This book had a better ending than I could ever have imagined as well as a well planned, intricate plotline that, at points made me want to sob in despair and sometimes even bawl with happiness! I want to thank Cassandra Clare for the amazing journey she took me on; it truly was an emotional rollercoaster. The epilogue of the novel was written fantastically and had definite cliff-hangers that I’m hoping will be followed up in other series (please Cassie!!).

Overall Opinion:

I would recommend this series to anyone who thinks they would enjoy a well written, action packed, drama filled trilogy with a good sense of humour and a love of romance. The storyline is phenomenal and proves you wrong just when you think you’ve got it all worked out. Clare never ceases to amaze me with her witty, intriguing style of writing and her ability to think outside of the box for new and original ideas. If you’re considering reading this series…do it. I can almost guarantee that you’ll fall in love with Will or Jem or maybe even both of them!
See you soon,
Charlotte x

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