7 March 2015

A Little Project


Just thought I'd update you all on something that I'm very excited about at the moment. Yesterday, a parcel came in the post addressed to me and when my mum first saw it, she accused me of buying something with her debit card - honestly! (Just to clarify, I hadn't stolen her card and ordered a load of stuff for myself!). In reality, I was just as clueless as her. So with me being impatient as ever, I ripped the package open and a book dropped out - this made mum even more suspicious as I do love a book or two (oops!). At this point I was even more curious - I had no idea who would be sending me a book. I opened the book and it had a piece of paper in it with my name on. As, I read the short (but sweet) letter I all of a sudden realised what was going on.
About a week ago I applied to review a book on behalf of Maximum Pop and turns out they wanted to give my reviews a try! So I have been chosen to review Maximum Pop's book of the month 'Rebecca Newton and the Last Oracle' by Mario Routi.
I am so so excited to have been given this opportunity and although some people may think it is only a small thing - everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?
So once things have moved on a bit, I'll update you guys and post a link to the review but for now, keep an eye on my twitter (@charlyblogs) for any more developments.
See you soon,
Charlotte x

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