8 June 2016

Meeting Tom and Giovanna Fletcher!


Super excited to write this post because it was such a random, last minute thing that turned into a really enjoyable, fun day! It all started when I was checking the 'Loose Women' website to see which celebrities were appearing in the next couple of weeks as I watch the show quite regularly. I then saw that Tom and Giovanna Fletcher were making a joint appearance on 1st June which was only a couple of days away! Quickly, I applied for tickets to be in the audience on that day and I was lucky enough to nab two tickets!

My friend and I arrived in plenty of time to ensure that we got seats as they oversubscribe the tickets to ensure that the audience is full, even if some people don't turn up. However when we reached the entrance, we were told that the audience had been filled up by those with priority tickets - so upsetting! So, we stopped off at a nearby cafe and chatted somewhat dishearteningly. We then decided that we would wait at the back exit of the building to see if we could catch a glimpse of Tom and Gi when they left.

We waited for around half an hour, despite the miserable weather (we had to buy an emergency umbrella!) and it was nice to see that others had come to show their support as well, including the paparazzi! All of a sudden, Tom and Giovanna came out of the studios and began posing for pap photos. They were so kind and sociable and they were happy to interact with everyone that was waiting to meet them! We spoke to Tom about the McFly tour and he apologised for the delay (it's been postponed as the drummer, Harry Judd, has injured his neck), which we thought was really nice of him! The pair then hopped in their waiting car and drove off, leaving my friend and I in a very excited and happy mood :)

Afterwards, we decided to wait for a while longer to see if we could see anyone else as we wanted to make the most of our day. To our surprise, we also managed to meet 'Loose Women' star, Coleen Nolan, who also happens to be the mum of Jake Roche, frontman of Rixton! She was also very, very friendly and was happy to take a photo with us and have a quick chat. All in all, the day was very exciting, despite not actually getting to see the recording - at least I could watch it on catch up at home!

I hope you've enjoyed this week's post and I love to hear about any TV audience experiences that you've had! Comment below or tweet them to me at @charlyblogs.

See you soon,
Charlotte x


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