25 June 2015

Entourage European Premiere Experience

Summer is finally here and I'm loving it - sun, ice cream, sun, adventures, sun, warm nights, sun and er... more sun! I always think the sun makes everyone ten times happier than usual so if you're usually a cheery person then you're probably uber happy at the moment!

A couple of weeks ago I got some news that me so happy I thought that I was going to burst - and it wasn't even a sunny day! My mum and I had won tickets to the European premiere of Entourage the movie and we honestly couldn't believe it. I had started watching the TV show a couple of months beforehand so to go to the premiere was just crazy as I had become a pretty big fan. We won the tickets from HBO the makers of the tv series and I would like to say a big thank you to their team as they were so great at helping us (the complete red carpet newbies!).

When we got to Leicester Square, we were both shocked at the scale of the production - it was huge! There was a giant screen that was showing all the stars arriving and there were loads of photographers snapping away on their snazzy cameras. Throughout the night, we brushed shoulders with so many celebrities and we even talked to a few! My personal favourite was meeting 3 stars from 'The Only Way is Essex'; Lewis Bloor, Lydia Bright and ex-cast member Charlie Sims. We walked down the carpet (which was actually blue and not red) pretty quickly because its quite a daunting position to be in. I don't really know how much of it I actually took in because it was such a surreal experience - I might of even forgotten to breathe a couple of times!

Once everyone was seated in the various screens (we were front row!), the cast came in and introduced the film which was so so cool because they were so close. I think that's the point when I started to think 'THEY'RE REAL, THEY'RE REAL!'. The film itself was such a credit to the TV show; it was just as outrageous, just as crazy and most importantly, just as laugh out loud funny. For any 'Entourage' fans reading, all I can say is VICTORY!

I just want to say another massive thank you to HBO for giving us the opportunity to go to a film premiere as it's definitely an experience I'll always remember. I've put some photos of the night down below, check them out!

See you soon,
Charlotte x

Red Carpet at the Entourage European Premiere - Leicester Square (9th June 2015)

Red Carpet at the Entourage European Premiere - Leicester Square (9th June 2015)

The cast of Entourage at the European Premiere - Leicester Square (9th June 201)

Lewis Bloor and I at the Entourage European Premiere - Leicester Square (9th June 2015)

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