11 October 2015

BOOK REVIEW: My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend by Eleanor Wood


*Note: this is a post I have just discovered that was hidden away in my drafts section, so I thought I'd upload it as a thank you for sticking with me while I've been inactive - thank you!*

All I seem to be doing at the moment is reading and blogging... it's not a bad combination though so I don't mind! I picked by a copy of 'My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend' at YALC last weekend as I'd seen it advertised so much lately that I thought 'hey why not give it a go?'. It also could have been to do with the large 'ALL PAPERBACKS £5' sign that kept catching my eye every time I walked past!

I was eager to start reading as it was yet another musical, romance novel that I'd managed to get my hands on. The celebrity world is a great mystery to the average person so when reading this type of book, your imagination can run wild!

Tuesday Cooper is just an average, 'kooky' girl who loves to blog about her quirky music taste. She has four loyal readers: her mum, her boyfriend, her best friend and her best friend's girlfriend. It's not what you'd call huge but Tuesday's happy. However, it all changes when the mysterious user jackson_e_griffith starts commenting on her posts. Could it really be the real Jackson Griffith, world famous rockstar?

I felt that the progress of the story was very slow at the start and I didn't understand who characters were as there wasn't much of an explanation. However, I quickly got to grips with the plot and I fell in love with the story!  Instead of defined chapters, each section of the story was separated by a blog post written by Tuesday. I thought that this was a really nice touch and fitted right in with the quirkiness of the whole book. 

I loved how passionate Tuesday was and the fact that she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She was a great main character because she wasn't the typical 'it' girl that you often find in young adult romance novels. The relationship between Tuesday and her mum was adorable and I thought it was really unique for a character to not dwell on the fact that they have a broken family.

The ending wasn't one that I particularly liked but it was much more realistic in comparison to other celebrity-normal person relationships portrayed in similar books. Overall, it was a fascinating read that had me completely hooked and finished it about a day and a half! I would recommend it but maybe not if you're someone who enjoys a super happy, romance-filled ending (I hope I haven't given too much away!).

See you soon,
Charlotte x

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